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Justice for Palestine - Painting by Karim Awad

Support Peace and Justice

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice." - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Magic: The Gathering Proxy Lands

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My work focuses on the interaction between paint and surface, and then between viewer and picture. A push and pull of layered surfaces, creates a narrative which is recreated and redeveloped by each individual viewer. 

I'm a painter, designer and entrepreneur from Ohio but currently living in Toronto, Ontario.

I am the proud father of twin boys.

My paintings have been shown around the world.

I own a cat named Taco.

Previous Works

View older paintings and prints in the gallery. These pictures are adorning walls around the world.

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Support Peace and Justice in Palestine

All profits of the sales are given to Nonviolence International to support peace and justice in Palestine and around the world.

The suffering and pain in Palestine must end and justice and peace will find a way.

Limited edition of 250.

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No Words... End Palestinian Suffering and Pain - Painting by Karim Awad

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I stream painting and a varity of games on Twitch. My channel is family-friendly, and I love the awesome community we have created.

Visit me at twitch.tv/karimawad